Urban upgrading interventions

Urban upgrading interventions in kandy under strategic cities development project

Kandy is a recognized heritage city by UNESCO and the capital of the old Sinhala Kingdom where the Palace of Temple of Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha is situated. So it’s the ultimate heritage city of Buddhist pilgrimage comprising a large number of old temples, heritage buildings and old monuments lie beneath. The project is to stimulate the transformation of Kandy’s built environment to a more healthy, sustainable and respectful embodiment of the city’s culture and response to the needs of those who use its buildings and urban places, a heritage and a congested yet lively city, equipped with modern amenities. Consultancy work includes; developing an integrated urban design scheme for Kandy and identifying a list of investment projects, carrying out detailed design for selected investment projects and preparation of bidding documents, and Consultancy Services for Construction Supervision & Contract Administration for identified sub projects; Municipal Car Park RoofTop, George E. De Silva Park, Kandy Lakeside Walkability Improvements and Tomlin Park.

  • Municipal Car Park Rooftop
    The components include open air theatre with a covered roof, outdoor vendor stalls for approximately seventy five vendors, children’s play area, landscaped and food court areas

  • George E. De Silva Park
    The components include improvements to existing drainage system, water proofing, paving, seating, lighting, planting of trees and landscaping, expansion of existing pedestrian bridge to the car park rooftop and improvement and expansion of pedestrian access-ways

  • Kandy Lakeside Walkability Improvements
    The components include Kandy lakeside walkability improvements of approximately three kilometers including street lighting and signage along the project area

  • Tomlin Park
    The components include construction of a building to provide facilities to pilgrims, improve safe and free mobility around the area for pilgrims, and provide new shops, as well as drop-off facilities for pilgrims including facilities for pilgrims such as electricity, water, dining areas, rest rooms, vehicle drop off and pick up facilities