Nucifera factory for nestle lanka

Nucifera factory for nestle lanka plc At kurunagala

NUCIFERA Factory is the new Spray Dryer plant which was built aiming to meet the rising demand of coconut milk powder. This is a state of art production facility adhering to the GMP, HACCP and ISO standards. The factory is a seven storied coconut milk powder processing plant including processing area, storage facility and the utilities.

  • Process building: A high rise tower, which is on a pile foundation and consists of seven floors.
  • Chiller plant: An industrial Ammonia plant that produces chill water for the production process. It is a steel building.
  • Pipe rack: A steel structure, designed to lay pipes and electrical cables from the chiller plant, UPS room and milk reception to process building.
  • UPS room: Supplies UPS power to the process building. UPS room is a RCC building up to the first floor and steel building above with Zn/Al roof covering.
  • Milk reception building: Receives coconut milk from the tankers.  RCC building with a flat slab roof.
  • Process CIP Building: A steel structure with a raft foundation, which is designed to place 4 Nos of 20Kl silos.

The entire complex has been designed to comply with Green Platinum Rating and we handle the Green certification process for the entire project.