Consulting services for the Development of a National Port Strategy (NPS)
World Bank funded Consulting services for the Development of a National Port Strategy (NPS) for Yemen
Client: Ministry of Transport & Maritime Affairs Sallalah, Yemen
Client Address: -
Source of Funding: World Bank
Approx. Value Contract: USD 400 million
Approx. Value of Services: USD 16,300
Location: Aden, Burum
Start Date: January 2009
End Date: March 2009
Duration of Assignment: 3 months
Name of Associated Consultants: Cornell Group Inc Fairfax VA 22032-1139 USA
Description of the Project: The objective of the study is to prepare a policy package and operational instruments that would help the Government of Yemen to establish a National Port Strategy to effectively manage and develop its ports, support the growth of external trade, and capitalize on future growth opportunities, for the long term economic development in the country. Under the project the following work is proposed; Aden – extension of existing container terminal to 1600 m to handle forecasts up to 2028, associated on shore facilities to handle vessels of 12,000 TEU capacity, deepening of 6 km channel from 15 m to 18 m depth. North Shore Break Bulk Terminal Aden - Extension of existing channel, provision of general cargo, break bulk cargo and bulk cargo terminals. Burum – construction of north and south breakwaters, dredging of port basin and channel to 14m CD, provision of container terminal, break bulk terminal, oil berth, access road, utilities and associated facilities.
Scope of Work: As sub consultants to the Cornell Group, ECL port engineers, together with other team members examined the strengths & weaknesses of the existing ports of Yemen and infrastructure requirements based on traffic / demand analysis, assisted to formulate development strategies for port facilities and associated infrastructure, revised the Master Plans for the ports of Aden and Burum, reviewed existing and future port capacities, analysed development constraints, assisted to prepare Action Plans summing up proposed development plans and implementation methodology, prepared preliminary cost estimates for the proposed developments including dredging of harbor basin and approach channel in Burum and deepening of approach channel in Aden, prepared preliminary designs and layout drawings for container terminals at Aden & Burum, breakwaters at Burum, access roads, utilities, oil berth, warehouses, administration complexes