Road Sector Development Project
ADB Loan No. 1986 – Road Sector Development Project – Provincial Road Component
Client: Ministry of Home Affairs, Provincial Councils and Local Government
Client Address: 330, Union Place, Colombo 2
Source of Funding: ADB
Approx. Value Contract: USD 10.4 million
Approx. Value of Services: USD 3.5 million
Location: Western, Uva, North Western & North Central Provinces
Start Date: February 2004
End Date: October 2008
Duration of Assignment: -
Name of Associated Consultants: Cardno MBK, Australia (Lead Firm)
SMEC International, Australia
OPCV, Australia
Description of the Project: This Project was aimed at rehabilitating and improving approximately 15% of the C, D, & E class roads and bridges in the North Western, North Central, Uva and Western Provinces of Sri Lanka.

The major components of the project included;

  • Road & Bridge Improvement Complete all remaining design works, assist with procurement, provide construction supervision of all road and bridge civil works.
  • Institutional Development & Training Program.
  • Assist the provincial road agencies with all aspects of the Institutional Development Program and provide assistance & training to local contractors.
  • Project Performance Monitoring.
  • Monitoring & evaluating the performance of each component of the project using ADB’s Project Performance.
  • Monitoring System and supervise implementation of environmental monitoring & management plans.
Scope of Work:
  • Designed widened / strengthened carriageways with road side drainage.
  • Supervised the construction of the widened / strengthened carriageways and road side drainage.
  • Corrected surface irregularities and cross fall, constructed new cross drainage culverts and other drainage structures and Replaced existing damaged and dilapidated bridges with concrete bridges, small span bridges with appropriate structures, widened and re-decked narrow dilapidated bridges.
  • Prepared contract documents for phase 2 & 3 road and bridge contract packages.
  • Designed & implemented the Institutional Development Program and provided on-the-Job training.
  • Prepared training programs to develop management & technical skills of PRA Staff.
  • Developed & implemented a Road Maintenance Operations System and a Management Information System.
  • Assisted in monitoring & evaluating the performance of the project and its impact on social & economic development in the area.
  • Supervised implementation of environmental monitoring & management plans.