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Provincial Roads Improvement Project
JBIC ODA Loan No. SL – P76 – Provincial Roads Improvement Project in Central & Sabaragamuawa Provinces
Client: Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government
Client Address: 330, Union Place, Colombo 2
Source of Funding: JBIC
Approx. Value Contract: USD 7.1 million
Approx. Value of Services: USD 1.6 million
Location: Central Province & Sabaragamuwa Province
Start Date: December 2004
End Date: December 2009
Duration of Assignment: 60 months
Name of Associated Consultants: Nippon Koei Co. Ltd., Japan (Lead Firm)
Halcrow Group Ltd, UK
Description of the Project: Provincial roads improvement project was to contribute to the development of local economies through the improvement of the reliability and service level of the road network. It was expected to rehabilitate around 600 km of secondary roads (Class C, D & E) and rehabilitate / reconstruct dilapidated bridges on the selected roads in Central and Sabaragamuwa Provinces. However, only about 300k of roads were completed due to financial constraints.

This Project consisted of five components:

  1. Road & Bridge Investigation.
  2. Road & Bridge Rehabilitation.
  3. Capacity Building for Road Agencies in Provincial Councils.
  4. Capacity Building for MPCLG
  5. NGO/CBO Facilitation Scheme.
Scope of Work:
  • Organized the completion of necessary field investigations and geo-technical investigations.
  • Reviewed the Feasibility Study and assisted PMU to determine the project scope.
  • Completed all engineering designs and assisted PMU & PIU with all procurement activities.
  • Provided construction supervision for all civil works under the road & bridge rehabilitation component.
  • Provided assistance & training to local contractors to improve skills and capacity in road and bridge works.
  • Assisted the Provincial Road Agencies with all aspects of the Institutional Development and Capacity Building Programme and Provided training for the staff of MPCLG to enhance the capacity of project management, financial management and procurement methods and Prepared & implemented a suitable NGO/CBO facilitation scheme in consultation with MPCLG, the two Provincial Councils and the Local Authorities