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Proposed Hotel at Nilaveli
Initial Environment Examination (IEE) for Proposed 71 room 4 star Hotel at Nilaveli
Client: Anilana Properties Pvt Ltd
Client Address: Anilana Properties Pvt Ltd, Reid Avenue, Colombo 7.
Source of Funding: -
Approx. Value Contract: LKR 573,000.00
Approx. Value of Services: LKR 573,000.00
Location: Trincomalee
Start Date: 27th July 2011
End Date: October 2011
Duration of Assignment: 04 months
Name of Associated Consultants: -
Description of the Project: The proposed hotel is a 4-star hotel with 71 room’s construction facing Nilaveli beach. This is just beyond the Pigeon Island Marine National Park and hence environmental impacts to be measured due to project activities. Therefore, we conducted an IEE as per the Terms of Reference issued by CCD following Central Environmental Authority guidelines and Environmental Act to consider granting a permit for the proposed development.
Scope of Work: Identified main project features allocating expertise to conduct IEE procedure, Developed IEE work plan, Conducted Field surveys in order to identify significant Environmental, ecological and socio-economic impacts recruiting professionals in the specific areas. Separate Marine Biology survey was conducted to identify the impacts on Pigeon Island National Park by conducting Ecological survey to identify existing faunal & floral and marine species diversity including corals of the area. IEE Report was prepared, attended Technical committee meetings with CCD and relevant stakeholders, Obtained environmental clearances for the proposed development.